Valentine's Celebration on Feb 16th

Valentine's Celebration on Feb 16th
Posted on 02/05/2024

Dear Members of the St. Bernadette Catholic Community,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to inform you of some important updates regarding our upcoming Valentine's Day celebrations.

This year, we find ourselves in a unique situation where Ash Wednesday coincides with Valentine's Day, falling on February 14th. Understanding the significance of Ash Wednesday, we are committed to acknowledging the importance of Valentine's Day while respecting the solemnity of Ash Wednesday.

In light of this, we have decided to host our Valentine's Day celebrations two days later on February 16th, to ensure that both occasions are appropriately recognized and celebrated. We kindly ask parents to refrain from sending food items on this day, considering the fasting and abstinence observed during Ash Wednesday. Please join us this Wednesday as Father Whitfield will be here at 1 PM to celebrate Ash Wednesday with us.

We invite you to join us in spreading  kindness through non-food items. If you would like to contribute, we encourage you to bring cards, pencils, erasers, or any other suitable items for exchange on Valentine's Day. Let us use this opportunity to foster a sense of awareness and affection within our community.

Furthermore, our dedicated student council will be organizing a special sale on Friday, February 16th, offering a variety of peanut and nut-free items for our community members to enjoy safely. The items available for purchase will include Ring Pops, Smarties, and Air Heads. We appreciate their efforts in ensuring that all members of our community can participate in the festivities without any concerns.

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that Friday, February 16th, will be a red, white, and pink day. Let us come together to commemorate the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making our Valentine's Day celebrations inclusive and meaningful for all.