Principal's Message

Mr. Iassogna Principal's Message- Philosophy of Education


"If you treat all students as if they are gifted, and you always look at them through that lens of being gifted in at least some aspect, they will rise to that level of expectation." - Stephen Covey

This idea is at the core of my philosophy of education. In order for each child to be a productive Catholic member of society, we as Educators/Parents/Guardians must help all children reach their own individual potential.

Living this belief will help me develop the strengths in each child and all partners in Catholic Education. It is imperative that both, myself and my new community at St .Bernadette find creative ways to empower children, so they can unleash their talents. We are collectively responsible for helping clergy, parents and one another so every child will be successful. This can be actualized if we listen to understand what each individual is passionate about. Consequentially, I need to act on that passion by creating a risk-free environment where first and foremost a child’s gift(s) is nourished then utilized but all of yours also. We need to be lifelong learners and change leaders for the children in our midst but also for the gobs of data that suggests our lives will be richer and fuller when we take risks and search out continuous improvement. The use of technology is crucial in establishing this healthy learning environment. The realization of each child’s skill sets epitomizes excellence to Catholic education.

I feel that a transparent leadership style is a way to create harmony within a Catholic community. Collaboration is critical, so we all deliver the same message . The church always has and continues to lead all these stakeholders in the unifying message about Christ and his examples. Continued support of social justice initiatives, having clergy share the Good News and being models of Christ are vital to a student's Catholic lens.

I will return to my first point about finding the strengths in each child. You will hear me talk about being a good finder not a fault finder. Which means if you want to unleash a child’s talent(s) focus on what they do best. In short, we need to build a child up not tear them down.