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Parents/Guardians are to:
• Notify the school of their child/children's absence prior to the commencement of school.
• Submit an explanatory note after an absence or lateness to the classroom teacher.
• Provide current work and home telephone numbers.
• Provide at least one emergency contact
• Alert the school if there are any changes in custody/guardianship, and provide court documentation.

If a call is not received from the parent/guardian, the secretary will attempt to contact the home/workplace.

Students must:
• be picked up from the office when leaving for appointments or other early dismissal (this is for the protection of all our students).
• Report to the office prior to going to class when they are late.


At times it is necessary to pick up your child during the course of the school day. Should this need arise, please submit a written request or contact the school by telephone to make the necessary arrangements. Children MUST be picked up at the office. The classroom teacher will send the child to the office at the appropriate time and the parent/guardian will meet the child at that location. We do not want children picked up in the school yard at anytime. These procedures are followed to ensure the safety of your children.


Students may be assigned homework as the needs of the different programs require. The teacher may request that if work is not completed at school it be completed at home. Students will record their homework daily in an agenda. Parents are asked to sign agendas nightly.. It is expected that the assigned work be completed.

Dress Code

All students should be neat and appropriately dressed for school as per school established dress code. In hot weather, walking shorts and a suitable shirt are appropriate. On days when the uniform will not be worn (civies or spirit days etc) please note that such items as cutoffs, tank-tops, halter tops, tub-tops, muscle-tops and mesh-tops are considered inappropriate for the school environment. Clothing worn by your children should be suitable for school and reflect the dignity and sense of Christian morality of the total school community. For safety and person hygiene purposes, students should have indoor shoes for the winter months. Also, we ask that students not come to school with shocking hair colour or styles as these pose a distraction to others. It is expected that students be in uniform everyday. A note from home must accompany any child not in uniform explaining why.

Pediculosis (Head Lice) - Health Issues

Outbreaks of Head Lice among school children is a common occurrence. It is a community problem. Parents are encouraged by the Health Department and the school to work together to control this Issue. Students should be checked weekly to avoid spreading to others. In the event that head lice (live or their eggs) being discovered, the student must be treated with appropriate treatment immediately. Kindly report this problem to the school to prevent spreading to others. The school has information that will help the parent to prevent re-occurrence.


According to our Board’s School Health Procedures Handbook, any student requiring medication during school hours needs to submit to the principal two forms: one from the family physician, and one from the parents/guardian each school year.

Behaviour Code - Students Will

1. Speak and treat each other with respect and with excellent manners
2. Keep hands to themselves and avoid a harmful bodily contact
3. Respect the school property and the property of others
4. Be prepared and prompt for school classes
5. Line up quietly at the Bell and enter the school in an orderly and quiet manner
6. Remove hats upon entering the school
7. Keep their workspace respectable in neat
8. Use AV equipment or computers only in the presence of a teacher and without food or drink
9. Refrain from chewing gum at school or on school property
10. Use the washroom before or after recess with the teacher's permission and have a hallway pass with you at all times

Recess Rules

1. Stay on the playground;
2. Use softly textured balls for safety reasons only;
3. Remain on school property
4. Respect the property of others;
5. Play safely avoiding potentially harmful bodily contact
6. During the winter months stay off the snow hills and do not throw snowballs

Lunch Rules

1. Follow all school rules
2. Remain in our own class until dismissal
3. Clean up after ourselves
4. Remain on school property throughout the entire lunch period
5. Demonstrate courtesy to all of our Lunchroom Supervisors and Leaders

Conflict Resolution Plan for Elementary Students at St. Bernadette School

An important goal at St. Bernadette School is "Social Skills Enhancement". Once strategy used to help students learn how to better enhance their social skills through teaching CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Conflict is a natural part of everyday life. TSudents need to learn at a young age about the ways conflicts can be solved independently and constructively, while maintaining the integrity of all parties involved. If we teach out children how to manage conflict now, they will be able to face it more diplomatically and more positivley as they mature.


· before you act, remain calm, set the tone
· what would consequences be if I reacted verbally or physically
· how do my actions demonstrate the kind of person I am or aspire to be (Christian-Like is the ultimate goal)
· avoid impulsive lashing out

· the person to STOP
· why the person said/did that
· be prepared to listen without interrupting
· if the person refuses to answer, allow some time, space
· if it is a significant conflict, come back to it
· if it is something insignificant, leave it alone

· remember to stay clam
· tell them to stop
· explain how you were feeling when you reacted
· admit your errors, take responsibility, apologize if necessary

· brainstorm solutions, decide which one is agreeable to both parties
· keep your word on the agreement
· look for a win/win resolve
*** if you are getting nowhere, seek staff assistance.***